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Dorm Stuff ;)

Hi guys!! As you probably know, Erica and I were roomates last year, so we have alot of the things that we need already. Please read through the list, and if there is something you have that is needed, please email me so I can keep this site updated.  Thanks and I can't wait to meet you guys ;)
~Erica Wiseman (EE-Dub)
Dish Drainer
Dishes-Erica checking on the dish situation to see what we have....
Coffee mugs-have
Popcorn bowl/Mixing Bowls-have
Skillet- NEED
Mac & Cheese pan-have
Cookie Sheet- NEED
Sharp knives- NEED
Paper towell holder-have
Salt/pepper shaker-have
Napkin holder-have
Kitchen towells-have
Sugar dowl/dispenser
Living Room
Futon: Brent has an extra one if we need it
Entertainment center
Area Rug-have
Curtains-NEED (we have some ugly green ones now!)
Board Games, CD's, DVD's (we all put them in the entertainment center, so you can initial yours if ya want!)
Bath mat-have
Ironing Board & Iron- NEED
Bring your own stuff, and make sure you talk to your roommate obviously beforehand!!
Plastic rolling cart to hold clothes
You can bring your own curtains- blinds are provided
T.V./DVD/VCR (we have one for living room, and Erica/Erica room)
Area rug
**There is only 1 computer hook-up in each bedroom.  Erica & Erica will be together in the "Erica squared" bedroom, so you guys will need to see if you both have a computer/desk as only one desk will fit. If both have a tower computer with desk, one desk will have to go in the living room. 
It worked well last year for us to have a house rules list, chore chart, and who's turn to buy what list posted on the fridge. It sounds "bossy", but it's really not, and we all followed it and it worked really well.  We'll have a room-mates meeting to get all this set up and decided after we get settled! ;)
Take out trash/Clean Bathroom
Chores get done at least once a week!!!!  Must be complete before new week starts and jobs switch (Fully complete and nice on Sunday night!!!!!!!!!)   each Monday morning!!!!!
Rotate chores each week starting on Monday morning!!
Turn to buy list:  (These are item that you all will use and will take turns purchasing.  When you buy it....cross out your name on the list!!!
Toilet paper: Brent, Barry, Michael, Brent, Barry, Michael, Brent, Barry, Michael
Dish Soap: Barry, Michael, Brent, Barry, Michael......
Paperplates: Michael, Brent, Barry, Michael
Laundry Soap: Brent, Barry, Michael, Brent
Cleaning Supplies: Barry, Michael, Brent, Barry
Bath Soap/Shampoo/Conditioner?  Brent, Barry, Michael, Brent, Barry......
Add anything to the list that you all use at the same frequency and rotate turns purchasing.
Items like milk, bread, butter, you can either buy and use on your own, or make agreements to share equally and split the cost.
You should each have a cabinet that is for food/snack items for personal consumption that no one else gets in without your permission.
If you all decide to split equally food purchases, put that food in the "community cabinet" for anyone's use.
I would suggest that you all go together on the 1st shopping trip to get basic condiments and split the cost.  (butter, peanut butter, ketchup, mustard, pickles, jelly, sugar, frozen pizza, soups, ramon noodles, mac & cheese, etc.)

Erica Noland on Left
Erica Wiseman (E-Dub) on Right