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High FSH
What does high FSH mean?
So you just found out...
Dr.'s and RE's-Things to consider
TMC, Herbs, Accupunture
Success stories stolen from around the web
Low Stims VS. High Stims
Links to support groups and good info
My story and thoughts
Treatments for high FSH
Newbie Information
Accupunture/Herbs with Meds?
What level is "too high"?
Is there hope?

There is some studies out there that links Clomid to high FSH levels.  I need to do some more research on this, but something that you may want to check out!

Comments taken from the web:

1. I have a few comments/observations about Clomid (I'm sure you probably know all this already, but just in case...):
Do not use Clomid for very many months or for back-to-back cycles. It can have devastating effects on your uterine lining which actually reduce the chances of success by impeding or preventing implantation. Maybe your OB can monitor your response one cycle to see how many follicles you produce, what your E2 does, etc. More Clomid is not better - more will not make you produce more follies or anything else. Once the level of Clomid is sufficient to suppress the estrogen receptors in your brain, they are suppressed. After a certain point, it just increases the possible negative side effects without an upside. While it's true that Clomid is not recommended as a treatment for high-FSHer's, it can be helpful in some cases. Perfect example is me - I got pg my first cycle on Clomid at age 37 (a few months before I found out my FSH was high). I m/c'd due to a congenital uterine defect, but if not for that I might have a 5yo now.

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