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High FSH
What does high FSH mean?
So you just found out...
Dr.'s and RE's-Things to consider
TMC, Herbs, Accupunture
Success stories stolen from around the web
Low Stims VS. High Stims
Links to support groups and good info
My story and thoughts
Treatments for high FSH
Newbie Information
Accupunture/Herbs with Meds?
What level is "too high"?
Is there hope?

Run, don't walk to the nearest bookstore and pick these  up!!!!

Inconcievable" by Julia Indichova and "The Infertility Cure" by Randine Lewis.

I found out I had high FSH 12-14'ish about 2 years ago.  I started searching the web, and found some good information, but it was taken from many different sites.  I started pulling out the info I wanted and pasting to a word document for me to look back at.  I've gotten many requests from women for some of this info, so I've decided to try and put it in some kind of order and create a website for it all.  I've taken most of this from different websites, and am always looking for more information to add here. If you have something, please leave me a note in the guestbook. 
I'm by no means a Dr. and since there are so many opinions about this subject, this is just meant to be a starting point for your own use.  I just hope to save someone else the time trying to find answers.
There is hope, so please hang in there ladies!  God Bless ;)