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High FSH
Success stories stolen from around the web
What does high FSH mean?
So you just found out...
Dr.'s and RE's-Things to consider
TMC, Herbs, Accupunture
Success stories stolen from around the web
Low Stims VS. High Stims
Links to support groups and good info
My story and thoughts
Treatments for high FSH
Newbie Information
Accupunture/Herbs with Meds?
What level is "too high"?
Is there hope?

The following are tidbits I've collected over the years from different sites, so don't be surprised if you see one of your entries!

1. I had multiple miscarriages, then a son, then a diagnisis of secondary infertility because of a high FSH (at age 34). What I did was try Chinese medicine and herbs. I know that it worked because I noticed a drastic change in my ovulation patterns over what I had seen with Clomid and my infertility treatments. I took False Unicorn root, black cohash (SP?), evening primrose oil, and an herbal supplement called Female Harmony. I took only the recommended amounts on the package labels. You might want to find a specialist in herbs to give you advice rather than experimenting yourself. I conceived three months after being told my FSH was 24, and had a healthy baby. I took baby aspirin during my pregnancy and progesterone support (because of the earlier miscarriage history), but it was a normal pregnancy. Good luck!

2. I had an FSH of 25 (age=39) last year, and I got pregnant on my third IVF attempt. You may want to consult with the Cooper Center for IVF in Marlton, NJ, they seem to specialize with us high FSH'ers. Also, I believe a lot of their practice is out of town patients, which I was. My fsh was tested at 89 June 8th...
I go to Dr Check "Cooper Center" in Marlton NJ. I was placed on Estrynil and 22 days later fsh went from 89 to 62 to 16 then 8 and now 6. I ovulated in July and now on the 2ww..beta is July25....and I am 46 yrs de speech yet.
So there is hope!!

3. Last year after 5 m/c (4 m/c before 10 wks and one a trisomy 7 baby girl at 14 wks)my FSH came back at 14, I was crushed but had started taking my 1st 50 mg clomid cycle so figured what the heck. LOng story short that very cycle I conceived twins who are now 8 mos. and very healthy. SO please dont give up, theres hope even after several m/c. Good luck to all!!!

4. I know it is difficult to stay positive following a miscarriage, but sucess IS possible! I had one m/c and one chemical over pregnancy over the course of a year. The month following my chemical pregnancy, I conceived and four weeks ago gave birth to a beautiful, perfectly healthy baby boy. My highest fsh was 22, with my fsh normally hovering around 17. I got pregnant on a natural cycle just before my forty-third birthday, so between my age and fsh, things looked pretty dismal, but nonetheless, success!!! Don't give up. Stay positive. If it can happen for me, it can happen for anyone!

5. I had 4 mcs over a period of 6 years and now have a month old Healthy Baby.
There were many times when we gave up all hope and threw in the towel.
Highest FSH 35,  No testing of babies that were lost. all lost at 8-9 wks.
age 39' Hang in there girls Miracles do happen

6. I was 38 and had been through 3 miscarriages in a row - 4 total. My FSH measured at 25! I could not believe this since I kept getting pregnant. I then tried gonanditropins(?) to try to produce multiple eggs. The dosage was conservative and I produced one egg - which did not pop out. I did get pregnant w/out assistance the next month, but lost the baby - chrom. problems. I found these forums at that point. Fertility Blend by Daily Wellness and Wheatgrass were two themes. I tried them both together (Wheatgrass tablets). (I was also using Soy Slimfast.) After 2 mos. I was pregnant again - and this time I got to keep it! Baby was born March 7, 2003. Full term, perfect baby boy. I had just turned 40 years old.

7. you've already gotten pg once, and your FSH isn't sky high, so if your RE tells you you need DE, he's only concerned about the success rates of his clinic. I conceived for the first and only time EVER at age 38 with IVF/ICSI/AH. My highest FSH prior to this was 30. If you compare your situation with mine, you look like a MUCH more attractive patient! :-)  I think you have as much chance of success as anyone in the 'normal' population. Keep your chin and your hopes up, and be prepared for the DE speech. But if you get it, do NOT let it get you down. You still have a great chance for a sibling for your little one. Everyone with FSH over 10 seems to get the donor speech, unless she's going to a high FSH-friendly RE, as I was, and I know plenty of women whose FSH levels were even higher than mine - and they conceived with their own eggs (and carried healthy babies to term). GOOD LUCK!!!!! :-)))) And *stay positive*! ++++

8. you're still relatively young (that's what my clinic told me at 38 when my FSH was ***30***). And third, 12.6 is not that high. Some clinics have a strict cut-off at 10, but there are clinics who'll work with high FSH patients. The key is to find one.  I did IVF/ICSI at 38 and got pg on that cycle. DD is now three. My highest FSH prior to that cycle was 30; I did a cycle of BCPs to lower FSH enough that I could cycle. Luckily, it worked, and my FSH went down to 5.4, and I was able to cycle. My RE prescribes estinyl to lower FSH; that's where I am now, at nearly 42 and TTC #2. My d3 FSH this go-round was 34.

9. At 32 I was diagnosed with an fsh of over 21 and stage 4 endo. I was given the donor egg speach, told my only chance was ivf and that the odds i'd bring home a baby were basically zero. We took the chance anyway, and we miraculously beat the odds...X2. I gave birth to twins in Jan. Note that my RE said IVF was my only option because of the stage 4 endo...not because of the high fsh. I don't know if she would've recommended clomid for high fsh absent the endo

10. My situation was similar to yours. I was 30 and was "diagnosed" with FSH of 15.1 - was given the donor egg speech. Switched RE's and was told to try until we were ready to do something invasive. Miraculously, we did it and had a DD in June 2003. We were told that we had a less than 5% chance that it would happen. Fast forward... we tried for 13 months for #2 and nothing happened. I was now 32 and realizing the older I got the worse it would be. So we opted to try IVF. I was a very poor responder and our first cycle was cancelled. Tried again in Sept and only ended up with 2 embryos but one took and now I'm pg again. I have certainly beaten all the odds. I'd say your age is hugely in your favor. My dr told me that Clomid doesn't work with women with high FSH. Of course, all doctors are different.

11. I'm 34 and three weeks ago got the dreaded high FSH diagnosis. FSH was 17.1 on cd3, other values were normal range. I had an HSG on cd9 of that cycle, got a +opk on cd13, bd'd that night (just for kicks, not thinking that my menopausal ovaries were doing anything), and I'm now 5w pg. I'm not sure it will last, but for the moment, everything is fine. I wasn't planning to see an RE - my OB and I decided that I would do 3 cycles of BCPs to suppress the FSH and then try clomid. If you do see an RE, you should do a lot of FSH research - there are some promising treatments.

12. Long story short, I was given the less than 5% chance of using my own eggs and was told donor egg was the only option. I had a miracle pregnancy and now have a 20 month old DD. We attempted IVF in June and was cancelled due to poor reponse. Attempted it again in September. I was a low reponder but they managed to get 9 eggs of which only 3 were mature. Ended up with only 2 embroys to transfer and now I'm 24 wks pg. My highest FSH was 15.1 So I certainly have beaten the odds - twice. So please hang in there and don't give up hope.

13. What was your highest measured d3 FSH before conceiving? 35 and 21.9 (only times I had it tested)
 What was your d3 FSH on the cycle you conceived? don't know

 What did you do to conceive (natural, IUI, IVF, etc)? Natural with acupuncture

Did you do anything to attempt to lower FSH before conceiving? Acupuncture, diet changes, herbs, baby aspirin, Vit E, Calcium+Magnesium, PreNatals

14.  What was your highest measured d3 FSH before conceiving? 95 (not 9.5)

 What was your d3 FSH on the cycle you conceived? Don't know, I wasn't cycling

 What did you do to conceive (natural, IUI, IVF, etc)? Natural only

15. I too had an FSH of 15 when I started this IF nightmare. I was given that same "speech" many times. I went on to concieve twice naturally (one ended in m/c) and I just successfully completed my first IVF with ICSI and I just got my 3rd positive beta. So....IVF CAN BE successful with high FSH... I'm proof. And on top of that my DH has male factor! So hang in there and know that it will and can happen. I wish you the best!

16. My first beta was 240 at 11dp4dt. Last year when I had a chemical my beta was less than 50 three days after my missed period, so I'm feeling cautiously optimistic. My chances for m/c are still higher than for normal fsh, but so far, so good... Just wanted you all to know that I succeeded with my own eggs despite high fsh (over 21) and stage 4 endo. My RE gave me the donor egg lecture and we decided to give it one try with my own eggs anyway. It seemed like a one-in-a-million chance but I guess we won the Powerball!

17. only lurk here occasionally now - got pg with acu and Chinese herbs after 3IUIs and 1 IVF. We were out of $ and I felt as though I'd been run over by a truck.
Continued with acu and added herbs. Made a big change in my cycle (longer and heavier, sorry if TMI) and we were pg a few months later. Uneventful pregnancy and beautiful, healthy dd born 6/05. me - 40 in 3 weeks, high fsh 20

18. Got the same crap from two RE's in town. I believed them, and did do a donor egg cycle. The month after the failed DE cycle, I got preg. naturally with my own precious, crusty egg. I'm have a genetically perfect girl. My FSH was 18.9, I am 41. Get a new doctor, and good luck!

19. I'm only 34 with FSH 94.4 and I'm 21 weeks pregnant. Not one of the RE here in DE would talk to me other than DE or adoption. I went right to DR Check in NJ after finding this site and I was pregnant naturally 3 months later. I was on estinyl wheat grass tablets, womans multi vit and 1 baby asprin per day when we got pg.. Don't let any dr turn you away or discourage you chin up head forward and nknow in your heart you can do this !! Good luck to you!! 

20. I am 37 and my highest fsh level was 54.The month I became pg on a natural cycle my FSh was 47. There is always hope. 

21. I'm 39, pregnant for the first time ever. FSH was 17.5, and DH had good motility but still low morphology at 7 months after a vasectomy reversal.
I had acupuncture twice a week for about 3 months, took a few herbs, and got pregnant on a natural cycle. 

22. Normal day 3 FSH, failed CCCT (mine was almost 25!), the dreadful less than 1% speech, followed shortly thereafter by a natural bfp

23. time on High FSH board before BFP: about 7 months
coping strategy: Lots of lots of PRAYER and these boards
ART tried : One IVF cycle in August-September 2005 that failed because all four embryos were abnormal.
Other methods tried: Accupuncture 1x or 2x a week begining in June 2005 through December 2005 (12 weeks pregnancy); antioxidants and royal jelly.
Age/FSH/IF issues: 40 years old, will be 41 at delivery. FSH ranged from 20-25. Two miscarriages in 2004, one at 8 weeks, one at 11 weeks (this one was a partial molar pregnancy - was not allowed to get pregnant until April 2005, when I chose to go straight to IVF.) 

24. time on High FSH board before BFP: 8 months. I wish I'd found it sooner!
coping strategy: DH is wonderfully supportive, we help each other cope. I have a few friends who struggled with IF and it was good to be able to talk to them. I tried RESOLVE which was very helpful. My sisters were very supportive even though they didn't have IF issues. The boards here have been a life saver also.
ART tried : IUIs with femara (4)
Age/FSH/IF issues: 36.5 age / 21.5 highest fsh/ high fsh was the only issue as far as I know.

25. My FSH was measured at 178 when I was 18 years old. My periods had stopped, I had hot flashes, no estrogen in my system, and was told I was in full blown menopause. This was 24 years ago, and since then I have been PG 6 times, and have 3 children. (I had 3 mc's)

26. I was dx with POF April/May 2002 with highest FSH of 164 and was given the DE speech, etc. I moved on to Cooper/Dr Check and O'd 6 times in a year and a half on low dose estrogen (estinyl estradiol) to bring down my FSH. Had b/w taken at least once a week, if not twice during that time to monitor any e2 rise. My O'ing was very sporadic - CD5, CD23, etc etc ... also, my left ovary doesn't do much; 5 out of 6 follies were from the right ovary. There were no other reasons or complications found with my POF such as immune issues & I had a clear HSG. no MF.
3 of the "cycles" were BFN's
2 were chemical pregnancies
egg #6 was THE ONE !

 We found out upon having my immune and thyroid b/w redrawn the recommended year later that my TSH had gone up a bit (up to 5.1 from 2.39 in a year- goes along with POF usually)- so I am on low dose synthroid to manage my thyroid hormones and this was the 1st cycle where everything "clicked."

I did try injectables along the way - which did nothing to bring about a follie. Follistim did work in boosting a follie I already had, but that ended in a chem. pg. Tried clomid twice and that did nothing except give me a 33mm estrogen producing cyst which followed with 5-6 mos. of no O'ing.

I didn't make many dietary changes... ate a little less dairy and meats ... tried ginko biloba but it made me nuts, and I never really drink caffeine anyway. I exercised a little bit, but nothing compared to people who say they actually exercise! Oh, and we got a puppy

so, there's the story in a nutshell. hope it's helpful in some way. Bottom line- don't let them tell you it's impossible, because it's not! If you’re willing to try, try – you’ll never know unless you know you’ve traveled the road.

27. I don't check the boards very often but saw this and thought I'd give you some hope! I am 31, FSH was 122, told I didn't have a shot...saw Dr. Check...did a lot of things like acupunture, yoga, organic foods, herbs, etc....and was pregnant only 5 months after diagnosis. Good luck to you!!

My highest FSH was 21.5. I did get a 39 after the CCT though! That was a shocker.My last known FSH was 11, that was after about 3 months on a food plan that flushed my system out. Not sure if it changed my FSH but it would be a big coincidence if it wasn't that. That was about 7 months before I got the BFP.

28. My original RE gave us a 1% chance of conceiving with my egg. He suggested DE on the first visit! We did 4 IUIs on femara. The last one resulted in a BFP. Also that cycle I had the HSG which I think helped. I also did acupuncture for about 4 months but the 1 month I skipped it was the month I got PG so I'm not sure how much it was doing for me

29. I'm 36. Had DD June 2003, got pregnant 4th month of trying. Trying to conceive #2, i had 3 m/c in the course of a year and then got the FSH 15.2 diagnosis. Tried one IUI, and then went back to natural cycles to see if I would get lucky with just progesterone support. Would have gone on to IVF in another month or so. 

30. Age: 37 Highest FSH: 28
What worked for me:
Natural IUI. Previously I had had 2 unsucessful medicated IUIs (first one resulted in a chemical). I never stimmed well on the drugs so thought I might try a natural IUI and lo and behold it worked.

Keep the faith ladies, I was told I had about a zero chance to get preg with IVF & my own eggs. And here I am after a failed Donor cycle, pregnant naturally with a genetically normal girl.

31. Age: 41
Highest FSH: 18.9
Tried stims & 2 IUI cycles, 1 Donor egg cycle.

It is possible for that one egg to get through!

32. Age:

37--FSH was 12 got PG 1st cycle naturally. M/C'd at 12 wks. (Baby didn't make it past 6 wks.)

38--FSH was 13.3 got PG 3rd cycle naturally. (Penn Fertility was overseeing my case but rejected me as an IVF candidate due to my age/FSH). Phooey on them!!! Shocked them as a week after they rejected me for IVF we found out I was already PG on my own!! Used progesterone shots/suppos. to keep PG going for 1st trimester. Result: 10 lbs. healthy, bouncing baby boy!!

39--FSH was 15 got PG 3rd cycle naturally. Used progesterone again as was the case for PG at age 38. However, I went to Dr. Check at Cooper Ctr., b/c I didn't like the negative attitude at Penn Fertility regarding high FSH. Dr. Check called my FSH # of 15 "baby FSH" and told me that was no biggie! In fact, he told me to have a couple more babies after this one if I so desired. We may go for another one in a year. I'm now 33 wks. PG due to deliver another boy!! YEAH 

33.Age 37
I have been trying for 4 years
Highest FSH 55
I used to go to Georgia Reproductive then heard great things about Dr. Dominguez at Emory University. I went to see her late last spring and she insisted I be checked for endo. I underwent surgery in August. I had it, a lot of it.
In January I went in for baseline bloodwork and was told my 3 day fsh was 44. So I was back to the drawing board.
That same day I called my old acupuncturist and made an appointment. I told her I was not really trying anymore I was over it, but I wanted to ease the transition into menapause. February 12 I took a pg test and boy was I surprised.

34. Stick with Julia's program she talked about in Inconceivable! My life story is exactly like Julia; married at 38 a man 8 years younger than I; told at 39 impossible to conceive because my FSH (15.9) at that time was too high-RE's didn't recommend IVF (said no possiblity). I got pregnant with my son 9 months later naturally. I followed strict diet guidelines (no wheat, dairy, cold foods plus all the basics caffeine, alcolhol etc) based on my accupunturist advice (Wu's Healing center in SF), did weekly accupunture and Organ massage plus moxa stick. Now I am 42 we are going for #2, my FSH is 50 and I have some more work to do but am planning on sticking with it and you should too!





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