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High FSH
So you just found out...
What does high FSH mean?
So you just found out...
Dr.'s and RE's-Things to consider
TMC, Herbs, Accupunture
Success stories stolen from around the web
Low Stims VS. High Stims
Links to support groups and good info
My story and thoughts
Treatments for high FSH
Newbie Information
Accupunture/Herbs with Meds?
What level is "too high"?
Is there hope?

you have high FSH.  The most common response is to jump on the web and start searching for a magic "cure".  Then, you're likely to find a bunch of websites from clinics that basically give "the speech" and tell you egg donation is your only chance.  It's just depressing, as most of us have been TTC for some time now, and might have experienced some m/c's.   All the time and money we've spent (not to mention all the heartache!) and now we're getting this bleak picture.  In my 2 years of searching, I've found many suggestions and theories.  I love to read success stories and what has worked for others in our situation.  While there is no "cure" there are many women who report what they believe helped them to become preggo despite high FSH.  The most common suggestions:

Wheatgrass, herbs, accupunture, vitamins, diet change, some try Femara with IUI's, some try IVF with either a low-stim or high-stim protocol.  Others suggest getting auto immune issues tested, and using progest. supps after ovulation.  I've addressed some of these topics in other places in this site, but basically this is just a list for you to start looking into to find the best suggestion for you.

My best suggestion is to read the book Inconceivable by Julia Indochiva. She was 42 with an FSH of 42 and then conceived her 2nd child.

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