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High FSH
Dr.'s and RE's-Things to consider
What does high FSH mean?
So you just found out...
Dr.'s and RE's-Things to consider
TMC, Herbs, Accupunture
Success stories stolen from around the web
Low Stims VS. High Stims
Links to support groups and good info
My story and thoughts
Treatments for high FSH
Newbie Information
Accupunture/Herbs with Meds?
What level is "too high"?
Is there hope?

As I've stated before, sometimes Dr.'s/ RE's are just worried about their success rates and therefore discourage high FSH'ers from trying with their own eggs.  If this is the feeling you are getting from your Dr.  CHANGE!

There are many high FSH friendly RE's out there.  The main two that keep comming up around the board discussions are Dr. Sher and Cooper

I love this quote from Dr. Check: "I was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure after having a FSH of 37. All of the drs. i went to said the same thing -"sorry, I can't help you - if you want a baby your best option is donor egg".
I went to see Dr. Check in Marlton NJ (he's with the Cooper Institute). He is the only doctor who gave me any hope. He said - as long as you still menstruate you can have your own baby."

Personally, if I were going to try IVF I would be checking out Cooper. Here's the link. Cooper info (best for IVF in my opinion)

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