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High FSH
Low Stims VS. High Stims
What does high FSH mean?
So you just found out...
Dr.'s and RE's-Things to consider
TMC, Herbs, Accupunture
Success stories stolen from around the web
Low Stims VS. High Stims
Links to support groups and good info
My story and thoughts
Treatments for high FSH
Newbie Information
Accupunture/Herbs with Meds?
What level is "too high"?
Is there hope?

There are two camps on whether women who are trying to get preggo using injectables should be using low or high doses of the meds.  So far, I've seen high FSH'ers with success stories with both theories.  I think all of us are different, and I guess one would just need to try and see how you respond.  Something for us to think about and research though.